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No Matter the Type of Espresso Machine You Need the Right Bean for Perfect Crema

You’ve finally found the ultimate expresso machine. It maintains the exact temperature and pressure. You’ve perfected your tamping technique and memorized The Golden Rule. And yet, the crema just isn’t right. For many, without that creamy kiss the whole espresso experience is a bitter disappointment.

The problem may well lie with your beans. Some of them will simply never produce crema even though they’re sold as espresso roasts. A blend that includes Robusta beans is a good choice. They’re known for their ability to generate crema. The most desirable roasts use a good deal of Arabica beans as well. Although they originally come from Ethiopia, they are now grown in major coffee growing regions around the world.

If you’re buying your blend from a reputable source, they should know their beans well enough to be able to describe each one’s crema-producing abilities as wellas the qualities of the crema (frothy, creamy, etc.). A reliable blend to start with is Lavazza “Super Crema.” Try this old barista’s test: drag a teaspoon through the crema. If it closes up again and completely covers the surface of the coffee, then it should be just right read more coffeemachinereviewer site.

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