Splitting Axe

A splitting axe is a toolQ used to split chunks of woods into smaller pieces, separating the fibres of the woods by splitting instead of cutting them. The anatomy of a splitting axe contains a tapered head which generally weighs around 3-6 lbs and a middle-long stick made of woods or composite as its body. If you are searching for a lighter splitting axe, then it is better to choose an axe with a composite handle as it weights less than the wooden one; it also has a better quality of durability.

But if you like the classic vibe you can get from a wooden axe, it will never disappoint. To use a splitting axe, you only need to swing the axe onto the wood. The force coming from the weight of the axe causes to the woods to be split into half. A splitting axe can be used for multiple purposes and it can last for a long time.

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