Protect Your Home From Fire and Its Aftermath With Help From Your Local Foundation Contractors

Fire can be a threat to your home and safety. Installing egress windows in case of a fire and preventing mold growth in the aftermath of a fire can be lifesaving decisions. Foundation contractors like Douglas County crawl space contractors can help!

Fires can destroy property and lives, but you can take precautions to ensure a fire isn’t the end of the world for your home or family. And some of the help you need can come from a surprising source: your local foundation contractors. Providing egress window installation to create an emergency exit from your basement in case of fire as well as mold remediation to help ensure your home is safe in the aftermath of fire (and the water used to put it out), these professionals can offer the help you need both before and after a fire.

If you are looking to finish your basement or add a basement bedroom to your home, you may be surprised to learn that many areas have specific building codes that require egress window installation. This is not a law that has been enacted to make home ownership and improvement hard for you: It is essential to ensuring the safety of anyone who may be residing or staying in your home.

An egress window is a large window that is installed into an opening cut into your exterior foundation wall, providing access to the outside from your basement in case of a fire. In addition to providing an escape route, an egress window also provides firefighters with alternate access to your home to help combat the fire. Egress windows also add light and beauty to your basement area, making them welcome decor additions as well as wise safety precautions. Many homes were built before the emergence of these modern building codes, but your local basement contractor will have the experience needed to cut safely into your home’s foundation and install a tight-fitting, quality egress window that could prove to be a lifesaver!

In the event of a fire, your firefighting team may be forced to spray copious amounts of water to save your home. The resulting standing water, soaked furniture, and ambient moisture could result in the invasion of the mold into your house. There are many types of mold, some of which are highly toxic to humans. The most dangerous molds, if left to multiply and thrive in your home, can lead to brain damage, various forms of cancer, and even death!

Your foundation and basement contractors can protect your home against many of life’s disasters in addition to mere fires. To ensure that your home is protected from top to bottom, call your local experts for foundation waterproofing and basement waterproofing, as well!

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