FIFA 14 Video Game Predicts World Cup Semifinal Outcome

Fresh off its accurate prediction fifa Coins for Tuesday’s World Cup semifinals match between Germany and Brazil, ESPN once again fired up the “FIFA 14” video game to predict who will win Wednesday’s game between Argentina and the Netherlands.

The sports network used the popular video game to run a simulation of the tournament’s second semifinals match. An Argentine squad led by world-renowned striker Lionel Messi faced off against a Netherlands team that’s on the cusp of making its second consecutive appearance in the World Cup.

Throughout the World Cup, Argentina and the Netherlands have scored a combined 19 goals in 10 matches. In ESPN’s “FIFA 14” simulation, the two powerhouses remained scoreless through the first half. In the match’s 47th minute, Argentinian defender Ezequiel Garay managed to head-in free kick to break the stalemate and give his team a 1-0 lead.

Soon after, the Dutch dynamic duo of Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben combined to score the equalizer, tying the game up at 1-1. Van Persie nearly scored a game-winning goal at the 89-minute mark, but his shot hit the post, breaking the hearts of Dutch fans everywhere. The World Cup semifinal match would have to be decided in extra time.

And decided it was. Minutes before the match would have gone to penalty kicks, Messi converted on a diabolical free kick and reminded everyone why he’s considered to be one of the top two players in the soccer world. Thus, ESPN’s “FIFA 14” simulation predicted that Argentina will defeat the Netherlands by a score of 2-1 and advance to the finals.

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The Best DLC in History? Warlords of Draenor has been Booked over Millions of Copies

Refer to blizzard’s recent financial report (blizzard in the first quarter earnings: world of warcraft user fell to 7.6 million), which points out that the expansion to world of warcraft in the upcoming version 6.0 Warlords of Draenor, only booking soon has sold over 1 million copies. Why the game can be so popular even several months before officially released? Industry analysts say the apart from players always be confident about blizzard, there is a very important benefits: pre Warlords of Draenor can be arbitrary a character upgrade to level 90 without pay more money or wow gold, while a single purchase with this service in the United States needs fee $60.(Another marketing success stories)

As the fifth DLC of the world of warcraft, Warlords of Draenor will return to the world outland demonstrate has not been destroyed to start a unknown interesting parallel story, and the players up to level 100. And great changes have been exposed out also makes a large number of players has AFK to regain confidence in the warcraft series, believe that this was one reason why pre sales breakthrough millions.

Based on booking performance, Warlords of Draenor is one of the fastest selling DLC in the entire series, the new expansion is expected to be launched in the second half of 2014, time will not later than December 20.

Warlords of Draenor will be the standard version (physical and digital two versions are available) in the form of sale, players can now purchase in advance. At the same time, you can also purchase version to upgrade to digital deluxe edition, which contains rich in world of warcraft and other blizzard games reward, which can’t be exchanged by gw2 gold, specific as follows (in-game items online after completion of the purchase in advance can use):

World of warcraft – fear young ravens mounts and fear crow pet; Starcraft II – the emirates portrait; Diablo III – Warsong flag.

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Distributors Virgin brazilian Human Hair bundles are would be the best

Cheap and top grade 100 virgin wholesale brazilian hair uk, bundle deals accepted. The hair quality meets the requirements of high-ends customers from U.S, UK and so on, most of our hair is for export. Welcome to brazilian Hair Wig all hand tied with hidden knots. We have the best 100% human hair brazilian lace wigs. Instock and ready to ship brazilian Virgin Hair Wigs. Jae has been working with virgin hair for close to 10 years and decided to start her own company during a routine hair weave search. Virgin Human Hair. We offer the highest quality of hair. We carry Brazilian, Indian and brazilian Hair. Call us 1-800-461-9640

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Gerhard clearly Jagex launched multiple “RuneScape”

Of course, this is no simple way to launch a new Rs gold version of the popular online game , and then hope you’re done approach.

Whenever the game studio launched a new version of the online games are inevitably encountered strong rejection . In fact there are many players hate change ( whether the game is getting better or worse ) , they are always Buy runescape gold thinking to vent their grievances .

For “RuneScape 3″ players will likely encounter resist saying , Gerhard this laughed , ” Yes, we did receive some printed with ‘ the worst in the history of an updated version of ‘ T-shirts , no matter how you do it, someone will hate .”

Gerhard clearly Jagex launched multiple “RuneScape” updated version has angered a lot of players , but he pointed out that in the past many years, the team has dramatically changed the way the game updates .

He admitted , ” We originally considered ‘ best understanding of the development team , we have done everything for the long term development of the game , players will naturally understand that time , if they still do not understand , it is because they are not smart enough , that they unworthy of our players , but now we no longer think , we , together with the player community to communicate , to tell them how we intend to do . ”

He said the dialogue with the players fan base may completely change the attitude of the updated version of the game , and change the way Jagex plan updates . “In fact it’s like repainting the walls , like when you really do that, but people still prefer the color shades before , which is the top cause of classical systems with pre-set , because it allows players to get a sense of familiarity .”

Jagex each update in the past did encounter a lot of resistance to be adjusted , so it gives players the option to start earlier version of the game, so that they feel awkward.

Here’s a typical example : “RuneScape” when released HD version upgrade in 2008, a large number of players in the game tucao extra texture and full functionality.

So Jagex launched for players to download the 2007 version of choice , after seven years , there are still a large number of subscribers in the play “RuneScape” 2007 version.

For “RuneSpace 3″, Jagex will once again supply legacy game – players can always switch to a previous version of Java .

Gerhard pointed out , ” We try to be more dialogue with the players , a lot of things we are doing are related to user -generated content , determined by the player community narrative content , we should accept this reality, because it is their decision , but no matter What , someone singing a different tune , so you have to properly manage the player community . ”

Subscription model as well as market it?

Jagex intends to adopt “RuneScape 3″ implantation of a small amount of micro- transaction content , this move can not help but curious whether the company intends to follow the tide of the game industry , to cancel a subscription model in favor of large-scale micro- transaction model .

Gerhard clear that this is not “RuneScape” choice, ” we ” , ” introduced a number of micro- transaction element, but only involving decorative props , and some can provide a little help for players of resources .” RuneScape

” The game industry really positive direction freemium transfer , but I do not think it necessarily follow the crowd is the right choice .”

Jagex has a micro- transaction elements containing freemium concept – the studio is currently being developed by Hasbro’s “Transformers Universe” is a freemium game only supports micro- transactions.

The studio also developed the “Ace of Spades” The premium games ( recently released through Steam), Gerhard said that this model is suitable for the game , “and on ” RuneScape ” , it will still be using the ‘ buffet ‘ service . ”

Although the team is not superstitious Subscribe number of users , but they also revealed that the vote for the current game narrative content subscribers ( approximately 450,000 ) is only “RuneScape” all refer users to visit a small part of it.

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Indigenous Bags Now Chic Fashionable

Indigenous Bags Now Chic Fashionable

As a child, my sister and I were made to wear ethnic messenger bags to carry our school books. These were the bags we got as gifts from someone that had arrived from Ecuador.

They were hand woven with indigenous designs and in large lettering ECUADOR was written across the front. My parents thought they were great and fit the purpose. Not sure what purpose they were thinking of. We stood out at an age when all you want to do is blend in.

Today however, in a fast fashion world where everyone is blending in, I yearn to be different. This week, I was invited to a trunk show for Dutzi Design, a line of bags designed by Ariane Dutzi and handcrafted by Mayan men and women in the Yucatan region of Mexico.

This collection took me back to my childhood book bag, except it was chic and trendy. What makes this collection so special is that is that all the bags are designed of recycled burlap, white raphia and leather.

The classic messenger bags are made of burlap with leather handles, and the fashionable clutches have wooden handles and leather details. The crisp, white raphia bags have bold hand woven cotton handles or leather straps.

Ariane’s story and cause are as unique as her designs. A former fashion editor in Paris and New York, she left the fashion world for the peace and quiet of Tulum, Mexico. Once there, she was enamored by the culture and the people.

Having always dreamed of having her own business and seeing a void in Tulum for a fashion line, she decided to start Dutzi. Her clientele are high end fashionistas that really want to have a unique bag.

What started as fashion idea turned into a cause as she started hiring the indigenous people of Valladolid, Yucatan. Her mission is to empower these women by teaching them how to be entrepreneurs. They work from home and are paid per bag made.

Looking back at my school bag was kind of cool. It was light weight and fit all my books and it was colorful. Best of all, it was handmade and it did strike up a conversation or two. And I made a couple of friends along the way. The great thing about fashion is that it connects us in more ways than one.

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FASHION Handbag designer Vivian Li Hew tells Alison Jones how illness prompted her new career

FASHION Handbag designer Vivian Li Hew tells Alison Jones how illness prompted her new career

Heads turn as Vivian Li Hew holds a bag aloft in front of theIn Classical and Neoclassical architecture, a building or room that is circular in plan and covered with a dome. The Pantheon is a Classical Roman rotunda. The Villa Rotonda at Vicenza, designed by Andrea Palladio, is an Italian Renaissance example. . It isn’t because of Vivian’s long purple (Bot.) a plant with purple flowers, supposed to be the Orchis mascula. Of, relating to, or having the character of an icon.2. Having a conventional formulaic style. Used of certain memorial statues and busts. tower.Vivian, a textile artist from Edgbaston, loads a favourite pictureinto a computer which is then transferred to a computerised sewingmachine sewing machine, device that stitches cloth and other materials. An attempt at mechanical sewing was made in England (1790) with a machine having a forked, automatic needle that made a single thread chain. In 1830, B. .The result is a stunning design with limitless potential forHowever, says Vivian, you have to be careful about perspective.

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What has been the most ridiculous fashion

What has been the most ridiculous fashion

Fashion show I have 2 related questions. ok i found a fashion show i could go to to go see. but the problem.

What do you think of the custom of a young man asking the father of the prospective bride for her hand in marriage? Even though we are living in the 21st century, this does show a great deal of respect. do.

Give me 9 fashion bags we want this season The next nine bags is the mainstream of 2014 spring and summer bag trend. What is the point in wearing your pants so far below your waist your underwear are revealed when you have a belt to secure them where they belong? I have no idea how those people sit down or walk without losing their pants completely. I wonder how many of those young men would wear their pants that way if they knew it origins.

There is no question the originated within the prison system. Some say prisoners weren allowed to have belts so their pants were always falling down. Other accounts say the saggy pants indicate sexual availability in prison. Given that little bit of information, I certainly think twice before I wore my pants ready to fall off.

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Reason: Some people might not agree but I think it would hands down be fur. I never understood why anyone would want to wear fur. In my opinion it makes people look fat. I have never seen a fur coat on a woman that was flattering to her body.

My mother had a fur coat and I would beg her not to wear it. The horrid thing smelled gamey and it made her look four times the size she was in it. Women try so hard to be thin then wear something that makes them appear large.

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Reason: cat postedThe most ridiculous decade for fashion in my memory was the 1970s. The two most ridiculous items that I wore during that anti fashion page were platform shoes and parallel trousers. I remember trying to make my way gingerly down the streets balancing on 4 inch platforms with my ridiculous high waisted parallel trousers flapping in the wind. I often wonder how I used to manage to get anywhere without actually breaking my neck.

I have noticed that platform shoes have made a comeback for some people since the start of the new millennium. All I can say to this is that the art to talk to somebody who lived through the 1970s. Hopefully that might give them some common sense, even if it doesn inculcate in them some fashion sense.

I am looking for some fashion related websites. I am planning to start a site about latest fashion but unable to find a site that contains some unique and uncommom fashion trends,articles and images so that I can. I don know for how long. I only discovered it about two weeks ago. When I first watched it, I said to my self “What a ridiculous cartoon”. But, I found myself. While I can say the products are worthless,.